Pace setting Activities




1.The following pace setting activities will be taken up during the academic year. 1.Tree plantation.

2. Cleanliness programme in the nearby societies.

3. Helping the Dist. Administration in the Pulse Polio Campaign.

4. Participation in the open competitions outside.

 5. Arranging the lectures of eminent personalities.

6. CLP

7. Conduction of seminars/work shops and competitions

8. Extending library facilities to near by school children

9. Extending lab facilities to near by Government Junior Colleges.





1.      Twinning the schools

2.      Faculty sharing (sources /resources)

3.      Training program/Workshop in various subjects at JNV venue.

4.      State Board/CBSE Board Exam Intensive coaching /Exam tips/ Study capsule to neighborhood schools.

5.      Interschool Maths/Science Exhibitions

Library Based Activities

1.   Mobile Library

2.   Book  Exhibition

3.   Lending Library

4.   Adopting nearby State Govt. Schools. & sharing Resources

Physical Education related activities

1.      Yoga & Meditation coaching/Training to the students of other schools

2.      Sparing JNV playground, sharing Equipments to promote Rural Sports.

3.      Talented players as coach to JNV students and vice versa.

4.      Interschool competitions, Exhibition/Friendly matches

Visual & Performing Arts related activities

1.   Skit on Social evils, Street plays,

2.   Interschool Performing  Art Competitions

3.   Repeat Performance at various platforms, Social functions etc.,

Health related Activities

1.      Participation in Pulse Polio Program.

2.      Orientation to Pregnant Women on pre-natal & postnatal care.

3.      Organizing/assisting in Blood Donation/Eye Donation Camp.

4.      Special Mission on Child Care & Various Vaccinations.

5.      Propagation on potable Drinking Water.

6.      Awareness Campaign /Rallies for AIDS, Dengue, Cholera, Malaria, Sanitation

SWACHHBHARAT&Community Related Activities

1.      Plastic Eradication Drive.

2.      Scientific ways of Waste Disposal

3.      Participation in school Management Committee activities in the nearby schools.

4.      Educating  farmers regarding Wormy culture,  Water conservation, Environment  Degradation, Disaster Management etc.,

5.      Literacy Drive, Plantation ( Make Green Everywhere-Green Club),

6.      Cleanliness Drive

7.      Socio economic Survey


1.   Computer literacy to village Panchayat  offices and school


1. Hindi fortnight (Pakhwada) Celebrations: 

2. Library Week Celebration:-         

3. Health awareness Program: 

4. Computer education program for neighbouring school teachers and Students. 

5. Population and Development Education:



This year Vidyalaya will make efforts to get its NCC & NSS unit registration.